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Sweet Watermelon Tea

Growing up in the Deep South, sweet tea was the only tea. When I was dreaming up ideas for my first restaurant far, far from the South I came up this concoction in the hopes of updating an age-old idea while still conveying the sense of place where that idea was born.

For one gallon:
5 Black Tea Bags (we use good ol’ Lipton)
Gallon Water
3/4 C Sugar
3 c Watermelon Puree, (peeled, seeded watermelon, pureed in a blender)
2 Sprigs of Thai Basil lightly mashed and bruised to release its aromatics
Lots of Ice
Tiny Watermelon Wedges for Garnish


No fancy-pants herbal tea needed here. Some nice fresh Thai basil adds a nice twist. Photos by Libby Truesdell.


Sliced Watermelon
Photo by Libby Truesdell.


Bring water to a simmer. Remove from heat then add tea bags and sugar. Stir. Let cool completely then add watermelon puree and basil. Pour over ice and garnish. Best served on a porch somewhere in 100* weather.


Watermelon Tea
Photo by Libby Truesdell.